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Påhlmans Handelsinstitut – founded 1881

For more than 100 years Påhlmans Handelsinstitut (Påhlmans) has run courses for commercial and industrial business needs. In many companies in Sweden you can be sure to find at least someone who has been trained at Påhlmans. All courses have a theoretical and/or practical orientation, based on the needs of commerce and industry. This is what makes them special and always up to date.

Profile of the institute:

  • Post-school courses for adults.
  • Courses in economics, law, languages, marketing, sales
  • and communication.
  • Practical training adapted to the business world.
  • A small, private institute within a wide network of associations.

Påhlmans is perceived as a school with a small area, yet a broad content range. The client is treated professionally, with knowledge and commitment. The strength of Påhlmans lies fundamentally in a humanistic approach.


Påhlmans offer full-time courses covering one year. Admission occurs on a continuous basis according to time of application, following the submission of a signed certificate to verify qualifications. In addition to full-time courses, we offer a range of part-time courses, including those that are conducted at the workplace and in company. Approximately 500 people a year have participated in courses at Påhlmans over recent years.


Our conscious aim is to run an institute with a limited number of students, for we believe that this is the way to ensure quality and to maintain contacts within the organisation. We are convinced that on this basis each student has the best opportunity to influence the training and to take responsibility for his or her own studies. Learning for life is the goal, not simply learning for exam results.


Påhlmans is an organisation with tradition. It was founded in 1881, and since then the aim has always been to provide courses in promoting commercial and industrial interests. True to the early efforts of the founder, Otto Påhlmans, our goal is still to offer training courses that are in tune with the demands of the business world. Today Påhlmans mission is to provide and develop courses mainly in economics and commerce. When our students have completed their training with us, they have a very attractive potential on the labour market.

The organisation

Today Påhlmans rests on two pillars: a foundation and a limited company. Påhlmans principal is Medborgarskolan Stockholm, which is one of Swedens largest adult study organisations. Other schools, such as Kulturama (Photography, Dance, Lyrics/Music and Drama), Påhlmans Gymnasium (a private upper secondary school), Stockholm TIllskärarakademi (Tailoring/Fashion design) and adult education also come under the Medborgarskolan umbrella.